Tzoumerka and Epirus

Tzoumerka is located in Epirus, in the northwestern part of Greece. Part of the Tzoumerka area is located in the prefecture of Ioannina, while the largest part of it is located in the prefecture of Arta. It is the most mountainous part of the prefecture of Arta, which is characterized by a beautiful virgin natural environment. Altogether in the area there are 47 villages, most of the traditional settlements. In Tzoumerka you will enjoy all their splendor: Rivers, fir forests, springs, gorges, waterfalls, mountain meadows, as well as rich flora and fauna. All these make up a natural beauty.

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What you can see in the area

Whether you are alone or organized with alternative tourism companies based in the Tzoumerka area, you can experience nature through mountaineering and trekking in Tzoumerka, rafting on the rivers Arachthos and Kalarrytikos.

We also suggest that you visit:

  • The villages of Syrrako, Kallarytes and the nearby village of Ktistades
  • The Monastery of Kipina (built inside a rock)
  • The beautiful firs of the area (with many walking paths)
  • The cave “Anemotrypa”
  • The waterfalls in the village of Katarraktis
  • The 13th Century Red Church with famous frescoes near the village of Vourgareli
  • The Leptokarya forest with its springs
  • The Folklore Museum of Kypseli
  • And many more that you will meet during your visit …