The chalet

The two autonomous, self-catering mountain residences – hostels with the capacity to accommodate 2 to 4 people, combine the comfort of a modern home based on the principles of bioclimatic and in minimal terms with the tranquility of nature.

Their interior space is divided into three levels. The buildngs are designed and built in a way that have free access to the natural environment.

The surrounding spaces, are designed aesthetically, and are shaped with natural rest areas, traditional terraces and underground electricity networks, so to give you always the feeling that you are constantly in nature.

The house is also available for long-term lease.

How to get to Tzoumerka area

By car you can reach Tzoumerka are, in the Prefecture of Arta with your car as follows:

  • From the city of Arta drivining to Agnanta, Pramanta
  • From the prefecture of Ioannina driving to Elliniko village and then to Agnanta, Pramanta villages
  • From the Prefecture of Trikala, passing Messochora to Vourgareli, Agnanta and Pramanta.
  • At the entrance of the village Ktistades the road signs will take you to our chalets.

By air, the area of ​​Tzoumerka is served by the airports of Ioannina and Aktio, where domestic flights arrive. For flight information contact airline travel agencies or visit related websites.

Tel. Airport of Ioannina: 26510.83600
Tel. Aktion Airport: 26820.22355


The prefecture of Arta has a relatively good road network through which all villages and settlements are served by transportation. In the winter season the traffic is increasing due to the many visitors who select the area for their winter vacation.

Photos from the chalets